Health committee chair backs database plans –

[Kevin Barron] referred to a briefing document from the BMA, which mentioned a lost disc of records on 160,000 patients from City and Hackney Primary Care Trust, but did not say that it was encrypted.

Health committee chair backs database plans –

Kevin is upset by the BMA opposing the national computer database for the NHS (that’s the one that is 6 times over budget and still doesn’t work, in case you are wondering.)

This dismissal of their concern is a little blinkered “yeah, so we lost some data, but it was encrypted, so it doesn’t matter” seems to be his opinion. This may be true, depending on how well encrypted it was – but we all know that data is routinely lost by the government, and it isn’t always encrypted. To deliberately miss the wider point like this is the mark of a politician.

Indeed, in the same article he pretty much concedes that they system will not be secure:

Barron said the committee had recommended that only patients could open the sealed envelope within records, except when there is a legal requirement otherwise, and was keen to see action including prosecutions taken against health-service staff who leak patient data.
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