Health committee MPs visit US to see patient record systems

The 11-strong Health Committee of the House of Commons has been to Nashville in the USA and Canada’s capital Ottawa to learn more about electronic patient record system

Health committee MPs visit US to see patient record systems (Tony Collins’s IT Projects Blog)

This was in June 2007, but you have to wonder if it was necessary for all of them to travel.

I was also struck by the fact that the NHS computer project was, as far as I know, under way by the time they went. I’d have thought that it was normally best practice to do the research before starting, but then what do I know?

Obviously as this story is nearly two years old, I can offer an update that the original author could not: the project which originally had a budget of £2.3 billion, which was revised to £6.2 billion – and has an estimated final cost of £12.7 billion. I love the fact that they realised the original budget was too small, so gave a revised budget almost three times the size of the original – and even that had to be doubled. Those figures include over £3 million on hotel rooms and travel. In fact they have spent enough on hotel rooms to keep someone in a £100 a night hotel for nearly 34 years – and despite putting a lot of people up in hotels they have still managed to spend £1.5 million on video conferencing (which I can do for free on my run-of-the-mill laptop).

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