Kevin Barron Doesn’t Want an Investigation into the Iraq War

So we know that Kevin Barron voted strongly in favour of the Iraq war in the House of Commons – in fact he voted for it at every opportunity apart from in one vote, which he missed.

Now you may recall that one of the primary reasons the war was justified at the time was the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction with which it could launch an attack within 45 minutes.

And it can’t have escaped your attention that such weapons were never found – hardly a surprise as the ‘Dodgy Dossier‘ was revealed to be somewhat lacking in accuracy as long ago as 2003.

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped Kevin Barron’s notice either, and yet he has consistently voted against any proposals to investigate the circumstances leading to the war. He either genuinely doesn’t care that both he and us were mislead by the government into a war that has so far cost over a million lives, and £11.4 billion – or he already knows the reasons.

Kevin Barron compared to ‘Iraq Investigation – Necessary’

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