Kevin Barron is Strongly in Favour of Compulsory Identity Cards.

Looking at Kevin Barron’s voting record, you can’t help but draw the conclusion that he is strongly in favour of compulsory national ID cards.

Kevin Barron’s voting record on Identity cards

I can see no real advantage to having these cards as they will inevitably be subject to fraud anyway, and they will cost an absolute fortune. Estimates put the cost of the cards at about £93 each – that’s the price you’ll pay to get one (whether you want one or not, you have to have one).

But that £93 per person is not the whole cost – that’s just the card. The cost of the project is estimated at (you might want to sit down here) £5.75 billion. That’s £181 for every tax payer in the UK, plus the £93 you have to pay for the card – so as much as you might feel £93 is a waste of money, consider that it has actually cost you £274.

Oh, and that £5.75 billion doesn’t include any costs outside of the Home Office – so the cost of the scanner your doctor will need to read your card, for example, isn’t included because the Department for Health will pay for that. Well, you’ll pay for it, but you know what I mean; it’ll come from a different budget.

Those in favour of the scheme seem to think it will ‘improve national security’ or some such vague idea, but that relies on the system being immune to fraud (it isn’t), and on people who are prepared to break the law somehow deciding to have an ID card in their own name.

It’d be great if Mr Barron could communicate quite why he is in favour of such a seemingly pointless and expensive scheme, but he seems reluctant to discuss it.

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