National ID Cards – the spending begins

Just when you thought the public sector IT scene had gone all wiki and web 2.0, along comes the chance to stage a grand, old-fashioned, big bucks, big contract project fiasco. The setting is the new national identity system being built by the Identity and Passport Service to support biometric ID cards and passports. Early next month, the service will place two contracts adding up to around £800m to get the programme under way …

… implementing big IT-based programmes is difficult enough even when stakeholders all wish for success. Here, a significant number of stakeholders actively want the scheme to fail

Another grand IT project, another chance of fiasco | Technology | The Guardian

An interesting article from the Guardian that outlines the complications of the project, and the government’s less than impressive track record with them.

And still no word from out local representative as to what advantages he thinks ID cards will bring.

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