Kevin Barron’s Health Committe Goes To New Zealand to Investigate Binge Drinking

Kevin Barron MP

Kevin Barron MP

Seven members of the Health Select Committee, which Kevin Barron chairs, went on a trip to investigate the effects of binge drinking.

For some reason they decided to go to New Zealand to do this. At a cost of about £70,000.

I can’t imagine what they could have found out that couldn’t have been discovered by email of video conferencing – or even by asking health professionals in the UK.

I feel a letter coming on …

Pulse – Was MPs’ £70k trip to New Zealand best way to tackle binge-drinking?

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6 responses to “Kevin Barron’s Health Committe Goes To New Zealand to Investigate Binge Drinking

  1. ….and even if they DID find anything out, when will the electorate get to know about it and benefit from it ? (reply not needed)
    Rather ironic too that Mr Barron goes to NZ to think about binge drinking, while his Maltby Town Cllr daughter Amy Rushforth, votes for the Edward Dunn building to potentially become another “pub” . Bad news for Maltby landlords and folks concerned about binge drinking I suggest !

    (representations regarding this licensing to: before 28th April if possible)

  2. Have you emailed Cllr Rushforth about it? The email address on the website either doesn’t work, or she just doesn’t reply …

  3. Of course I have emailed her – She is on my cc list for all matters !

    I think your second comment here is most likely.

  4. Lexia – the sign at the Edward Dunn says the closing date for objections for it’s licence is the 20th.

    Is the sign wrong? This could form another part of the objection if it is. It’s a technicality, but if common sense doesn’t prevail it’s worth a try?

    • How perceptive you are ! Yes, it is wrong. The date is now 28th April as the licensing department itself did not receive the application until AFTER the notice appeared in the Advertiser – apparently it went via “planning dept” and got held up. This info is from licensing department at RMBC.

      Petitions are out around Maltby and a number of rperesentations have now been made. We wait with bated breath……

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