Maltby Town Council the source of 64% of Complaints

Maltby complaint report – Dinnington Today

It won’t surprise many people who have an interest in the going on at Maltby Town Council that it’s councillors were the subject of 64% of all complaints to Rotherham Borough Council about it’s councillors last year.

The main complaints seem to be about councillors being abusive to members of the public, and misusing both their powers and the councils funds. So nothing serious then…

There seems to already have been a lot of money spent on getting the grown adults who represent us to get along, with the Standards Board insisting last year that all councillors went on course about the standards expected of them, focussing on such basic skills as how to treat their fellow councillors and the electorate with respect.

The article in Dinnington Today, linked to at the top – has this rather baffling paragraph which I simply don’t understand though:

Only two councillors failed to attend, but seven were missing when the council were given local governance training by the Yorkshire Local Councils Association.

I’m not entirely sure from that how many went!

There is more training to come, and this is on top of the £650 a day the council is spending with MESH to mediate for the councillors.

One wonders what criteria the council uses to decide when it is just throwing good money after bad.

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