Maltby Election Results – May 2007

Here are the election results for the Parish Council Election in Maltby in May 2007. Who says I’m not up to the minute ?

This election was before I knew anything of what was going on in Maltby politics – but the fact that there are so many independent candidates, and so many of them got elected should perhaps have been an indication that all was not well!


4 responses to “Maltby Election Results – May 2007

  1. Thanks for this post. It may seem a little “after the event” to some, be we in Maltby are well versed in this procedure from both MTC and RMBC !

  2. I suppose I am in company if not in good company 🙂

    I’m still trying to find out what the underlying problem is – I’ve never known so many independent candidates stand, let alone get elected.

    • Could it have been that Maltby had really had enough of the long standing Labour element and wanted something different and more community friendly ? “National politics go local”

      Could it also have been that many people were encouraged to stand as Independent, by some ex-Labour members who were themsleves elected as Independent? Just a thought……..

  3. I guess either of those could be the case – but the community obviously knew what was going on (and that must predate my moving here)

    Independent candidates generally don’t get elected – and they certainly don’t get elected when they do no canvassing whatsoever. I had not one leaflet from any independent candidate when the election was on, but somehow they have all been elected.

    That would lead one to suspect that Labour were just awful – but then there is definite evidence that the community knows what is what because they elected one single, solitary Labour candidate.

    Encouraging people to stand as independents is one thing – getting people to vote for them is quite another.

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