Maltby Town Council Office Hours

I posted  last week about the council offices being closed at 4:45. Well, I rang them up today to find out what the opening hours are. I pass this information on as it seems too much for them to display them in the window of the office – they are open from 9am until 1pm from Monday to Friday.

I was also able to confirm that their email address is – although the lady I spoke to wanted to know who I was and why I wanted to know before she would tell me.

She also confirmed that minutes of meetings are available in electronic format by request.

2 responses to “Maltby Town Council Office Hours

  1. How strange that the offices are open from 9am to 1pm, yet the Admin Assistant rarely leaves before 3.30 – 4pm and some councillotrs are there well before 9am and stay there for most of the day. One can only presume that the workload of both the Admin Assistant and these councillors is such that they need to be in the building for such lengthy periods.
    Perhaps they do not have computers at their own home (as the new Town Clerk may be required to have if the “model” job description is followed) and have to use the MTC computer for all their duties.
    Maybe this is also the reason why the minutes have not been available electronically until very recently ie. too many people trying to use one computer makes for a not very good working situation.

  2. We at FREE WHITBY ( are making giant strides by maximising the opportunities made available by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

    Whitby Town (Parish) Council is exactly that, a powerless parish council. It is impotent to represent the people of Whitby at Scarborough Borough Council – our Local Authority – where a small cadre of Officers and (Tory) Councillors are operating a hidden agenda.

    Anyone willing to pursue lawful dissent may contact us via, where advice and letter templates are readily available.

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