Kevin Barron Speaking about Maltby Academy in The House

Kevin Barron MP

Kevin Barron MP

National Challenge Programme: 27 Apr 2009: House of Commons debates (

There is a lot of noise being made about the proposals to turn Maltby Community School into Maltby Academy – and most of it reaching my ears is against the idea, although I have heard a few voices in support as well.

Our man at Westminster Kevin Barron MP talked about the Academy plans in the House of Commons two days ago – he had the opportunity to ask questions of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families about it.

So is our MP for the proposals, or against them? What leads him to think that way?

Perhaps we will never know, as he used his opportunity to pass on the concerns and or expectations of his constituents to instead ‘grass’ on the Conservative’s prospective parliamentary candidate for his seat for voting against the proposals.

No input of his own, no statement of his own views.

Just telling tales.

Well done Kevin – an excellent use of your platform.


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