Kevin Barron MP – An Apology

In the letter I’ve just received from Kevin Barron in which he responds to some emails I sent him a few weeks ago and mentions this blog. Whether or not the fact that he has replied to some (but not all) of my questions and his discovery that I am blogging about the letters and replies I get are linked I can only sepcualte.

However, I do feel I owe Kevin Barron something of an apology becuse I never told him I was blogging my questions or his answers. I aplogise Kevin, for what may have come across as rude. I had no intention of it being. I simply got exassperated at you failing to answer fairly straightforward questions about your views on political issues, so I decided to go public. It was not my intention to go public when I started writing to you, but when you continued to evade answering any questions on political issues I decided to try and recruit the power of publicity to help. I don’t think  I should have needed to do this – the questions I was asking were not difficult, but were useful to me in deciding who I will vote for come the next election.

I am pleased that you have recently responded in part to some of the question I sent you several weeks ago, and can only wonder if the different tone of your response – and the fact you have responded at all, just when I thought you had given up on me – have anything to do with your sudden awareness that I have published them.

You seem most upset that personal correspndence is in the public domain, but I am not sure why or how you might object to letters written about politics in your role as a political representative of the people of the Rother Valley being made public. I assume the views they contain (which were few) would have been the same regardless of them being public or not? Or are you using the ‘expenses’ defence that so many of your colleagues are currently trying with regard to your evasion of questions and describing my attempts to discuss my views as “irrelevant” – ‘if I had known it was going to be made public I wouldn’t have done it’?

Anyway, for making the letters public without asking you first, I apologise.


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