European Election Candidates for Yorkshire and Humber

Blimey – there are a lot of them – and there are a lot of fringe elements standing again.

Here they are (in the order given by the BBC in case an MP reading this thinks I am being biased!)

Conservative Party candidates: Edward McMillan-Scott, Timothy Kirkhope, Fleur Butler, Matthew Bean, Nick Burrows, Glynis Frew.

Labour Party candidates: Linda McAvan, Richard Corbett, Emma Hoddinott, David Bowe, Melanie Onn, Mahroof Hussain.

Liberal Democrat Party candidates: Diana Wallis, Stewart Arnold, Rebecca Taylor , James Monaghan, Nader Fekri, Neil Poole.

Green Party candidates: Martin Hemingway, Shan Oakes, Leslie Rowe, Lesley Hedges, Kevin Warnes, Steve Barnard.

British National Party candidates: Andrew Brons, Nick Cass, Chris Beverley, Marlene Guest, Paul Harris, Trevor Brown.

No2EU Party candidates: Keith Gibson, Celia Foote, Jackie Grunsell, Peter March, Mike Davies, Juliet Marie Boddington.

Jury Team candidates:Barbara Hibbert, Anthony Hooper, Ben Saxton

UK Independence Party candidates: Godfrey Bloom, Jonathan Arnott, Jason Smith, Toby Horton, David Daniel, Lynette Afshar.

Christian Peoples Alliance Party candidates: Sid Cordle, Andrew McClintock, Angela MacDonald, John O’Brien, Samantha Cauldwell, Rebecca Jones.

English Democrat Party Candidates: Michael Cassidy, Joanne Robinson, Peter Davies, David Wildgoose, Paul McEnhill, Geoffrey Crossman.

Libertas Party candidates: Antony Devoy, Edward Devoy, Stephen Clark, Diana MacLeod, Trevor Bending, Kathleen Harris.

Socialist Labour Party candidates: William Capstick, Linda Sheridan, Stephen Yoxall, Holly Yoxall, Terence Robinson, Christopher Butler.

2 responses to “European Election Candidates for Yorkshire and Humber

  1. Thanks for this list. Now can you tell us which one are secifically Rotherham? I know Guest and Hussein are … but do you know of any others? (If there aren’t any others I am going to have a real difficult voting decision ! )

  2. I can’t really remember how European elections work – don’t you jut vote for a party and they allocate seats to their candidates as per the number of votes the party gets?

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