Pay it Back Campaign

We don’t know much about Kevin Barron’s expenses, because the Telegraph hasn’t mentioned him. I presume that means there is nothing unsavory in them, but it could mean that he’s not well known enough to sell papers. We’ll find out when everything is published in July I suppose.

However, the Pay it Back campaign by Constantly Furious makes a good point. All the MPs who are saying ‘ok, I’ll pay it back’ do so after the revelations are made public, as though their morality is different once people know what they are up to. This article (warning, contains swearing) has some sage advice for those MPs whose expenses haven’t been made public yet.

As I say, Kevin Barron’s may well be above board – although I still want to know why his second home claim went up from £14k or so to the £20k limit, and then stayed there. Roll on July, when it is all made public -I hate not knowing.


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