Gordon Brown urges police to walk people home

I don’t even know if I can out my feelings about this into words – but for you I will try.


Was that any good?

I think bullet points is all I can manage, if that is ok?

  • Is this a good use of money – how much does it cost to pay a policeman to walk a mile?
  • Is the idea that people might feel unsafe and need walking home not an indication that the police should be actively fighting crime, not passively protecting people from the fear of it?
  • It’s presentation I know – but is letting the PM give out crack-pot ideas that will have little impact on er, virtually everyone, in the middle of the biggest crisis to hit The House of Commons in a generation giving the right impression? Are his minders trying to keep him away from expenses, global recession and a massive public sector borrowing requirement?

Gordon Brown urges police to walk people home from cashpoint | UK news | guardian.co.uk

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