Second Home Allowance – A Graph

A graph showing the percentage of the maximum second home claim made by MPs. I’ve posted a similar graph before, but this one hasn’t got Guido Fawkes’ ugly mug all over it.

Both graphs illustrate the point that most MPs who claim a second home allowance claim over 90% of the maximum permissible amount – and easily enough for a £250,000 mortgage, which even at the height of the boom was more than enough for a decent flat in London – and certainly more than enough to rent somewhere. I used to rent a very nice 1 bedroom flat in London which was part of an old farmhouse in the village of Cheam for about £6,000 a year including Council Tax.  It was idyllic and peaceful, and ok, it was in Zone 6 so it was a fair way from the centre – but not so far you couldn’t catch a train and be in central London by 9am every day.

Kevin Barron MP claimed the maximum amount allowable last year – to the penny, a grand total of £23,083 for his second home. It would be nice if he could comment on why his second home is so expensive – and why it has gone up by about £50o a month since 2001. Kevin – I know you read the blog – please feel free to add a comment, or take up the invitation I sent you on Monday to become a contributor and make your own post. Your employers want answers, please.

2nd Home Expenses

2nd Home Expenses


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