Kevin Barron thinks the Speaker was Hounded out by ‘snobbery’

Kevin Barron doesn’t seem to understand the public’s anger at the row over MPs expenses.

He doesn’t seem to understand that the Speaker of the House stands accused of:

  1. Spending huge sums of money pointlessly trying to block publication of the details of MPs expenses
  2. Being biased
  3. Making dodgy expenses claims of his own
  4. Seeking to divert attention away from the dodgy claims by questioning the methods of The Telegraph.

and for those reasons he had to go. It isn’t making him ‘a scapegoat’ – he had to resign, and no doubt others will as well – we, the public, want to know exactly what our MPs – including Kevin Barron – have spent our money on. The Speaker resigning doesn’t close the issue.

Of course Kevin Barron see’s it differently – he seems sure the demands for the Speaker to go from the public and the Commons was simply because of ‘snobbery.’ Kevin’s theory is that people wanted rid of Michael Martin because he is the highest ranking ‘commoner’ but is the son of sheet metal worker.

This is absolute nonsense. People wanted rid of hime because his handling of this affair has been appalling. It’s as simple as that.

A member of the Standards and Privileges Committee, Mr Barron also criticised some of his colleagues involved in the expenses row, and said that he thought some claims could attract criminal charges.

“My breath has been taken away,” he said.

Indeed, Mr Barron. Our breath has been taken away too. It is precisely because of the shocking detail in the claims made public that we want to know how you have spent £142,693 of second home allowance on since 2001.

It would be good if you could follow the advice Tony Lloyd, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party gave almost a week ago and publish your on expense details as soon as possible. The invitation to do so here still stands.

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2 responses to “Kevin Barron thinks the Speaker was Hounded out by ‘snobbery’

  1. It’s hard to argue with this comment that had been added to the original article by Flemingcrag

    “Keith Barron is wrong to say it is snobbery that is driving Michael Martin out of office, it is in fact about class and the fact that he has none. Betty Boothroyd from a humble background had the respect of the whole house simply because she had class.

    Class warriors like Mr Barron are testimony of the poison that exists within this febrile Parliament, full of Labour MPs from the North of England and Scotland who go through life with a chip on their shoulder thinking the whole world is against them. This feeds their paranoia and strenghthens their tribal instincts so that they are incapable of compromise , it has to be their way or no way.

    It was this control freakery that led to them defying tradition even when thay had the largest majority possible in Parliament to “whip” a modest little man with a lot to be modest about into a position where they could take advantage of his tribal loyalties to do their bidding. Michael Martin was the tool of the Labour Whips never the impartial Speaker the House deserved.

    To confirm that Mr Martin is not the only MP in Labour without class, why don’t those who won money betting on his election reveal themselves.”

  2. Michael Martin is the first major victim of the expenses scandal because he was, in part, overseeing, and, in part, benefiting from it.

    MPs are looking for a scapegoat for their own gluttony, which shows how worried they are.

    The Westminster consensus – that profit is good – has left them feathering their nests while lecturing the rest of us on tightening our belts.

    The crisis at the heart of the political system runs deep because it is symbolic of the lack of legitimacy of the “mother of parliaments”.

    This is not just about the stench of corruption as politicians have handed more and more control over to business.

    It is shining a light on the reality of democracy in our system.

    Real democracy is about having control over our lives and a real say about what happens in society.

    Even in its ideal form, parliamentary democracy is a pale shadow of that.

    The perks and the second homes are simply the tips the loyal politicians take as part of running the system – not in the interests of all as they claim, but in the interests of the rich.

    Standing out against the sewer of sleaze running through parliament means not simply dumping one or two crooks but fighting for real democracy.

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