Kevin Barron – Expenses in Context

What with Kevin Barron being my MP I’m keen to know what his expenses cover but as yet we don’t know, despite a court ruling that MPs expense details should be published, and the fact that the Telegraph has a copy.

We do know what Kevin Barron claimed in broad categories, and they are listed in this post. What we don’t know is what, specifically, the money was spent on. I know Kevin Barron reads this blog because he has written to me to tell me he does, so he can’t have missed my invitations to allow him to publish the details here as he doesn’t have his own website yet -which is fair enough -£98,254 on staff and £8,724 on communications in a year doesn’t stretch for ever you know – websites are expensive. This one, for example, has cost me absolutely nothing at all …

Anyway, the people at Shoothill have created a colour-coded map showing how much MPs claimed in total in the financial year 07/08. You can see the whole map here, but the picture below is a crop of our region – Rother Valley is the orange (£150,000 to £155,000) constituency roughly in the middle, with Aughton and Wales marked.

Picture 7

Although Kevin Barron has claimed a similar amount that a few surrounding MPs, he has claimed considerably more than a number of other in the area – notably Dennis Skinner in Bolsover (£66,993) and even Douglas Hogg of moat-cleaning fame in Sleaford and North Hykeham (£127,902).

Kevin – can you let your constituents know what you spent it all on please?

4 responses to “Kevin Barron – Expenses in Context

  1. The full list of MP’s expenses claims is due to be published on 1st July (unless this date has been changed recently) so it looks like we’ll have to wait until then, unless The Telegraph prints Kevin’s beforehand. Maybe they’re saving the best ’til last!

    Regarding websites. I did notice that Kevin appointed Hudson Berkley Reinhart Ltd on 27th Feb 2009 to design his new website (according to HBR’s website). Three months later and…nothing!

    What’s also quite enlightening is the fact that Kevin appointed this company three days after Lynda Donaldson was appointed as the Conservative Candidate for the next election. Her website was up and running within a few days of her election and is updated quite regularly. She is taking it serious. Maybe Kevin has become complacent.

    According to the electoral calculus website the boundary changes have made quite a significant difference. The 25.09% Labour Majority in the 2005 general election has been slashed to 5.4%. The fact that Lynda is the first local candidate in Rother Valley for many years and the fact that she is a highly respected local business woman should result in the first Conservative MP for Rother Valley since records began.

  2. Kevin Barron has a number of ‘dead’ websites – I am led to believe that and

    are all his sites, but there isn’t a scrap of information on any of them.

    Thanks for the heads up about HBR – their site says:

    “Kevin Barron MP for Rother Valley looks to HBR for a brand new web presence.”

    I think the words ‘brand new’ in there are somewhat redundant.

    When the election comes it will be interesting.

  3. Just loking at the site of another MP done by HBR, Kerry McCarthy, and came across this quote:

    My ACA claim is relatively low for several reasons. One is because once you’ve bought the sofa and bed and TV and blinds/ curtains and a few bits and pieces, there’s no need to spend any more on such items. Second, I’ve claimed much less for food, for reasons I’ve explained in a previous post. And most significantly, interest rates have gone down. And this is an issue for everyone who says that MPs should not be allowed to buy their second home with taxpayer help, but should only be allowed to rent. It’s actually much cheaper for the taxpayer if an MP buys, at the moment.

    Makes me even more intrigued to know why Kevin Barron’s ACA expenses have remained right at the very limit for the past few years.

  4. Kevin Barron is just as bad as any MP claiming expenses, he employed his wife, helped his daughter get elected to the council and his other daughter currently resides in his second home. I just hope the Telegraph print all of his claims he has made over the years including all of the refurbishments on his Maltby home.

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