Maltby Town Council AGM – May 2009

I couldn’t make the AGM meeting last night, but it seems the council has made some rather startling changes that seem to stick at least two fingers up to local democracy.

From the Maltby Talk Discussion Boards:

democracy has now gone out of maltby town council no weekly meetings its down to once a month public participation to 20 minutes and each speaker be allowed one question and supplementary on same question on same topic shut the place down

I have to agree, sadly. The Town Council doesn’t care about it’s electorate (and not all the councillors were even elected), doesn’t seem to do anything, and certainly doesn’t do anything that Rothertham Council couldn’t do instead, and costs each resident about £40 a year in precpt – and £650 a day (ongoing) in mediation expenses because the factions within the council cannot be professional enough to get on.

Maltby Town Council adds nothing to Maltby, and costs money. I can’t see any reason for it to remain in existence in its current form.


One response to “Maltby Town Council AGM – May 2009

  1. Not only does Maltby Town Council not add anything to Maltby and costs money, it embarasses a large proportion of it’s residents, No reason at all for it to remain in existence, except for the benefit of 9 particular councillors – including the newly elected Chair.

    Those in favour of a dissolution need to make themselves known and insist on their voices being heard. Then perhaps those in “authority” will eventually acknowledge the disgraceful situation that we have here.

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