European Elections TODAY!

Please go out and vote – but please don’t vote for the hate-fuelled BNP (or the bonkers UKIP!) – if you want to protest, spoil your paper.

If you aren’t sure who to vote for, have a look at votematch which will tell you whose policies most closely match your own views.


6 responses to “European Elections TODAY!

  1. Disappointed that my “vote match” suggested party, Libertas, did not have a candidate in my area. So I have voted for the party with the nearest views to this – and to mine, naturally.

    This was not the BNP nor UKIP, so I presume I am still welcome on this board.

    May whichever party wins this election, really do what is “best” for the electorate, whatever THAT may be !

  2. There was Libertas on my paper – do you not live in Yorkshire and Humber?

  3. YES ! How ? Where? Who? What happened ?

  4. That really is odd – I voted on Ascencion Close in Maltby and definitely voted for Libertas.

  5. “The UK Independence Party has called for the elections minister to resign in a row over folded ballot papers.
    UKIP says hundreds of people could not find the party’s box as it was hidden under a small fold at the bottom of the list of European election candidates. During the day the Electoral Commission issued an alert to returning officers, advising them papers should be handed out unfolded, after the issue was raised by UKIP. ” BBC News Online

    Could this have been my problem ? My paper was folded twice into an envelope shape – this was at 3pm so presumably the polling station had information to NOT fold them by this time.

    Ah well – I don’t really believe in European parliament anyway !

  6. I saw that about UKIP – apparently in some places they were folding a thin strip on the bottom covering only UKIP.

    They were in alphabetical order so Libertas was about half way down (after Labour).

    They folded mine in thirds but you had to unfold it to vote for anyone.

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