Cllr Tim Blog: Why it’s all our own fault.

The New Labour project was built on slick communications and spin. It was obsessed with doing things in a way that the public wouldn’t react badly to. The whole expenses lunacy was created in a focus group meeting. Increasing the wages of MPs was found to be too controversial, but necessary, so they concocted a way to do it by stealth. By inviting ‘supplement’ by expenses. It wasn’t an entirely new idea but we sold out to it. Rather than have the debate openly and act openly we took the path of least resistance and ‘spun’ it. We’ve done that on so many things, more and more intricate ways to dodge the hard debates and avoid having to convince the public about our argument.

That’s New Labours ultimate failure. It lacks the courage of it’s own convictions. It dare not make it’s case and let the public decide. It was never prepared to stand or fail for what it believed in.

This is an excellent post on the blog of Cllr Tim Cheetham in Barnsley.

Cllr Tim Blog: Why it’s all our own fault.

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