Sir Alan Sugar – Political?

Sir Alan Sugar hails £30m ‘equitable’ Viglen win • The Register 5th May 2009.

Sir Alan Hired in Government Role – The BBC 5th June 2009.

Just saying ….

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2 responses to “Sir Alan Sugar – Political?

  1. Not really the right place for this comment, however, I wondered if you could ask for Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP’s opinion on the Prime Minister situation ?

    I understand he reads this blog and as I am not sure which blog he means when he says to me “THE” blog – will have to rely on this one.

    Could you ask him if he thinks Gordon Brown should stand down or what ? I have been watching the telly faithfully to see if gets interviewed outside Westminster, but not seen him yet,
    Over to you 156 ……

  2. Watch this space!

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