Kevin’s Camera(s)

It’s Friday afternoon, it’s raining, and I’m wishing I was on holiday on a beach somewhere. Sadly business isn’t great due to the credit crisis, so I won’t be going anywhere exotic this year – but the great thing about the internet is that you can at least look at pictures of places and imagine what it is like to be there, which is what I’ve been doing this afternoon.

Look, here’s Kevin Barron on holiday in New Zealand. We paid for his flights as it was absolutely necesssary for him to go to New Zealand to find out about binge drinking because it isn’t a phenomenon we have in the Rother Valley, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Eire – and there is absolutely no other way it is possible to communicate with people from New Zealand other than to fly there and stay in a very expensive hotel. Kevin Barron then stayed on for a few days after his critically important meetings as a holiday. You might as well if you’ve had free flights I suppose.

Kevin Barron MP, on a beach

Kevin Barron MP, on a beach with the camera we bought him

But what is that in Kevin’s hand? It looks very much like a Canon EOS 40D to me. Possibly this Canon EOS 40D that we subsidised for him. It was £957.57, but it seems the John Lewis list only allows you to claim £350, so he claimed that. Kevin normally claims £200 a month in ‘petty cash’ without any supporting receipts whatsoever, and you’ll notice that he claimed £400 without any receipts or explanation on the claim form that included his flashy new camera.

UPDATE It seems this isn’t the only camera we’ve bought Kevin. In March 2005 we also bought him a Fuji Finepix 5700 for £499.38. Interestingly the £350 limit didn’t seem to be a problem then, but the money was witheld until after the election.

I can see how one camera might be useful – especially for updating websites or leaflets. Kevin doesn’t send many leaflets, and doesn’t have a website. But even if Kevin Barron sent out lots of leaflets, and had a website with content, I really can’t see the need for two rather nice cameras, bought within three years.


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