Kevin Barron’s Mortgage Interest Claims

On re-reading the documents Kevin Barron has submitted, I have found a letter from Nat West in January 2007 informing Kevin Barron of an increase in interest rates that increased his mortgage payment to £2007.70 per month. The rate increased to 7.44%, which assuming Kevin borrowed the money over a standard 25 year term, points to a capital sum borrowed of £273,121.70.  This earlier letter, from June 2004, informs Kevin of a rate change to 6.54%, meaning at the time that his mortgage payments went up to £1592.91 per month, which points to a mortgage of £235,042.11.

So the two letters from the Nat West suggest that the amount of money owed to the Nat West by Kevin Barron (to remind you I’m assuming he borrowed the money over 25 years and that, as per the rules, Kevin is only charging mortgage interest to his expenses) increased by £38,079.59 between June 2004 and January 2007. This is another issue that Kevin Barron needs to explain to his constituents in the Rother Valley. Why does it seem from the paperwork we can see that the size of your mortgage went up by £38,000? Perhaps the perfectly innocent explanation lies under the black ink somewhere?

What is also intersting is that Kevin Barron’s mortgage claims are not backed up with statements, but only by these letters of rate changes. I haven’t yet managed to find one informing Kevin of a rate decrease. It’s an issue The Telegraph have not managed to get a response to. I do hope Kevin Barron isn’t just lying low and hoping it will be forgotten?


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