Do You Serve Your Constituents, Kevin?

I’ve mentioned before that Kevin Barron MP for Rother Valley isn’t much inclined to rebel against the party line – and most of the times he does rebel it’s to on a vote to do with reforming one House or the other, or expenses.

I’ve also noted with some exasperation that he doesn’t seem that interested in his constituents, seemingly feeling free to ignore questions from them, and even from the press, and to treat them with a certain amount of contempt.

Well, it seems we have an explanation for this attitude at last. You see whilst most of us were labouring under the misapprehension that as our MP, Kevin Barron served us, his constituents,  Kevin thinks that he serves the state in the Rother Valley, stating on the 12th November:

We are the state’s representative in our constituencies and we should not be frightened of taking decisions on behalf of our constituents, because that is to the general good.

So Kevin thinks his job is to present the views of the state to us, not to present our views to the state. This must be because Kevin feels that the State is much better at making decisions for people than the people themselves. – that the State is somehow superior to those that elect it. Kevin, your Communist roots are showing – perhaps it’s time you joined your old ally Arthur over at the Socialist Labour Party if you feel that way?

In the meantime I feel it best to explain to you that, actually, under the UK Parliamentary system, you represent us. You’ve got it back to front – although after being an MP for twenty five years I’d have rather hoped you’d got to grips with it all by now.

This statement explains a lot about Kevin’s dismissive attitude to his electorate, but casts further mystery over how he got to be elected in the first place.


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