Kevin Barron MP – Expenses for 2008-9

Regular readers (hi Kevin) will know that I have made the point several times that Kevin Barron MP has not submitted mortgage interest statements with his expenses, so we don’t know quite why his interest payments have risen quite as much as they have done. The details are in this post, but in summary the documentation Kevin Barron MP has deemed appropriate to submit suggests that the capital sum borrowed on his mortgage rose by £38,000 between 2004 and 2007, which coincidentally kept him just within his claim limit.

Quite why Kevin Barron has not submitted the correct paperwork remains a mystery – perhaps it is simply because Kevin knows best, or perhaps it is because of the information the statements contain. We can only speculate.

However, it seems I’m not the only one who is baffled and frustrated by Kevin Barron’s refusal to submit the required paperwork with his claims. He had a letter making the same point from the fees office about it in March this year. Quite why they continued to pay him despite the lack of paperwork I don’t really know. Perhaps he now submits statements, we shall see when newer information is released – but what we really want to see are the older statements showing just how much capital he has borrowed. I’m patient though.

Letter to Kevin Barron


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