Kevin Barron MP Talks About Expenses on the Tellybox

Kevin Barron MP was on Sky last night, talking about expenses. He’s getting quite vocal on the subject recently. Perhaps he might get around to answering the questions about his own expenses soon? He took on Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes – I’ve not actually watched it yet as I’m at work with no sound, but here it is anyway. I’m guessing Kevin Barron MP doesn’t come out of it smelling of roses. Guido has also written about the interview here . His comments are very interesting:

Guido isn’t sure what Labour MP Kevin Barron was expecting when he agreed to go on Sky News last night – the day details of MPs’ expenses were released. Beforehand in the green room he was lamenting to former LibDem MP Richard Allen that the expenses gravy train had come to an end. Once in front of the cameras he tried to make out he was some kind of reformer. Guido wasn’t having that. After [the] on screen exchange he called Guido a rude word. How hurtful…


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