Kevin Barron on Sky

Well I watched the video of Kevin Barron on Sky before I left work tonight. My favourite quote was “I didn’t doctor bills that I’d paid for previously, I submitted bills that took me up to the limit for what I could get for the year. ”

Not ‘what I needed’ or even ‘to which I was entitled’ but ‘what I could get.’ A very revealing use of language from Kevin Barron I thought. And where did the idea of doctoring bills come from. That seemed an odd thing to mention apropos of nothing.

I wonder if all those bills he submitted to get him to the limit were as legitimate as the one seemingly raised by his son for work on a website that very few people recall seeing?

Incidentally Kevin is wrong; he hasn’t submitted “bills” for the amounts referred to in the interview, or invoices, or even statements. The letter shown in the previous post makes this quite clear.

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