Literacy and Leaflets

Let’s get the hypocrisy out of the way first – it will be clear to even the most casual of readers that I am neither a very proficient typist, nor a diligent proof-reader.

I’d like to think though that if I was spending public money on a couple of thousand leaflets that contained nothing but a heady mixture common sense (store your bin within the boundary of your property), impractical suggestions (put your bin out by 7 am, but not the night before your collection) and dictat (your bin must be removed the same day as you collection) that I’d at least have a bit of check of it before sending it to the printers. Just so I could spot any really obvious errors.

Whoever is ultimately responsible for the full colour leaflet that was hand delivered by not one but two Community Support Officers today clearly feels the same way. The leaflet has the logos of the Wentworth Area Assembly, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and Rotherham Council on it, so perhaps they all want a share of the credit for this piece of text, which as far as I can tell contains no errors whatsoever.

Wheelie Bins Been Set on Fire

I must be getting old -not only am I complaining about spelling and grammar (does ‘using the wrong word – not even a homonym, just the wrong word’ counts as a grammatical error) but I have seeming also missed lots of bins ‘been’ set on fire.


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