Caven Vines – PPC for Rotherham

It would appear that there is going to be a UKIP candidate for the Rotherham seat at the general election, and that candidate is Caven Vines, who has a website at

Now one expects UKIP candidates to be somewhat less than mainstream, but Mr Vines it seems is something of a ‘character’ even by their standards.

Over an image of a goldfish leaping from one bowl to another, Mr Vines has the text:

I am fed up with our town and country

being ruled by a set of Selfish Greedy Politicaly Correct Morraly Corrupt people

Like this gold Fish I want us to Leave the Old Murky Waters Created by the Above

And move to the Clear vision and bring England Back to being English

And having one set of Rules and Laws for all and stop Pandering to the Muslim Extreamists

Which is a fairly standard jingoistic simplification / misrepresentation of the issues, with added appalling grammar.

He even goes so far as to make up his own words on his homepage:

Time has come to say enough is enough we are fed up of working hard only to be taxed taxed taxed to pay for all these undisrable scrounges and Hate spreading Muslims.

You see, Mr Vines clearly has an eye on the bigger picture here – all Muslims, it seems, are ‘hate spreading’ – or at least he implies that all Muslims that are being ‘paid for’ by the state are – and by extension, the cost is a significant proportion of government spending.

Hmm. Don’t get me started on religion (oh go on then – they’re all as bad as each other) but Mr Vines for me – despite his unpleasant, ill-informed views, falls not in to the ‘dangerous’ category, but merely in to the ‘funny’ category. Please, people of Rotherham, don’t vote for this man.

4 responses to “Caven Vines – PPC for Rotherham

  1. If you are going to quote me from my website then please quote it correctly

    Thank you

  2. I copied and pasted directly from your website, Mr Vines – I didn’t have time to try and type it up when a simple Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v will do the work for me!

    I notice though that you have changed the content of your site since I posted, so perhaps that has confused you?

    I presume the Caven Vines standing for UKIP is the same Caven Vines who once stood as an independent – saying

    “as a Independent I answer to no one except you the electorate.” source

    Now you are a UKIP candidate do you answer to them as well?

  3. Just to demonstrate that I copied and pasted the content of your original site correctly, you can see the same thing copied and pasted here.

    Which bits in particular are you claiming not to be your views, Mr Vines?

  4. I have earlier versions of the website in my browser cache. Waybackmachine will have them in a few months. You cannot totally remove anything from the web, there will always be a copy of it somewhere.
    @156leaks, use google desktop search to index your harddrive, then ask it to search for Mr Vine’s site, it will bring up several cached copies of the earlier version.

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