Does Kevin Barron Support Gordon Brown?

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do as you can see.  I’ve just read Kevin’s comments on the attempted toppling of Gordon Brown by Hoon/Hewitt a few weeks ago.

From the Guardian:

Kevin Barron, chair of the health select committee and a solid barometer of backbench opinion, said it was unbelievable that Hoon, who used to crack the whip of discipline at backbenchers at every turn, and Hewitt, a former press chief to Neil Kinnock who would rail against any hint of disloyalty, could now be leading a coup. Whatever their reservations about Brown, many backbenchers could not bring themselves to support a putsch led by such people. “Coming from those two, it was either naive or vindictive – and they are not naive,” said Barron.

So Kevin didn’t approve of the coup, but does he approve of Brown? The article suggests not, but presumably he will stand for election publicly supporting him anyway. It wouldn’t be fair of me to suggest that Kevin doesn’t have the courage of his convictions as I don’t know what his convictions are – it’d be nice to know.


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