New Discussion Forum

It’s a General Election year as you know, and it struck me that I don’t really know anywhere where people can discuss politics properly on-line. Some of the national sites are ok, but local issues can get a bit lost on them. Similarly some of the very local sites are a bit, well, you know, parochial and seem to consist largely of persons unknown trying to guess who other persons unknown are.

So, I’ve created a new forum at

At the moment there are just two areas – Local Politics and National Politics.

Hopefully we can use this tool as a way of discussing what we, the voters want, rather than us being told what they want by those that seek election.

I’ll try and kick off a few threads and lets see how it goes. Could be fun, could be useful, could be a damp squib. Time will tell – but do please pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested.


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