Kevin Barron MP to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday

Kevin Barron will be speaking for the motion:

“This House would rather be unwell in Britain than America.”

Oxford Union: Hilary Term 2010

on Thursday. Nice that he is sharing his views with Oxford undergraduates (as I recall from my time in Oxford, the Union doesn’t allow guests, but I could be wrong – I doubt they’d welcome a delegation of Yorkshire folk though).

It’s a shame we only get to find out what our MP is up to via the power of google. Kevin – we’re interested in what you are doing in your role as our representative – and let’s be honest, you’re invited to this debate for no other reason than because we elected you. Why don’t you update your expensive website, now you have it?

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6 responses to “Kevin Barron MP to speak at the Oxford Union on Thursday

  1. Kevin’s current website does invite you to “Sign up for Kevin’s mailing list and receive regular constituency newsletters to your email address. ”

    Probably these newsletters tell us what Kevin is doing in his role as our representative.

    Sadly the sign-up process is broken.

  2. Oh wow – well done in finding that; the link isn’t exactly obvious is it?

    The sign-up worked for me, incidentally. It would be strange though if he was updating people by email but not bothering to put it on his website?

  3. Well it definitely worked, I’ve just had an automated response which reads (in it’s entirety)

    “Thank you for registering with Kevin Barron.

    From time to time we will contact you via email with all the latest news from Kevin.”

  4. It was in the site map.

    All I ever get is: “Sorry an error occured while trying to save your details. ”
    All very odd!
    Maybe it is trying to check my postcode, this cannot handle my postcode either and it might be related. (straw-clutching!)
    When you receive the newsletters can you put them up on your blog , and we can all read them.

  5. Of course I’ll put them on the blog – just don’t hold your breath!

    Why not try signing up with another postcode – it’s not like he’s going to send any paper post is it? Just put his constituency office in 🙂

    • He already knows my correct post code.
      He sends me letters, and once I did get a printed newsletter from him.

      So I have emailed him to alert him to the problem.

      I am now wondering if there are any back-issues of the newsletter, perhaps I should email him to ask.

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