Lynda Donaldson – A Contract

Too often, politicians are elected on a raft of promises, many of which become forgotten after an election.Because of this I want to give you a signed contract, which I make with you, the constituents of Rother valley.

Lynda Donaldson

Lynda Donaldson is the Conservative Party candidate for the Rother Valley seat at the next election. As her party don’t have a manifesto yet it’s hard to question her on things, although I have found that she is quick to respond to emails, which to be fair will perhaps be less in volume than they wil be if she is elected. Still, our current MP Mr Kevin Barron doesn’t reply to emails at all, so Lynda is to be commended.

Anyway, she has no party policies to put forward yet, so instead has made up a ‘contract’ with her electorate, which you can download from this link.

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