Kevin Barron has no issues, it says here.

Well, the Legg report inot MPs expenses is out, and nearly half of them have to pay money back.

To my surprise, Kevin Barron isn’t one of them – the report says “Mr Barron has no issues”

So it seems that an £8,500 printer really is absolutely necessary for Kevin Barron’s work as an MP, in which case I wonder why not all MPs have one. It also seems that he really did need to spend £850 on new cameras in three years – he simply couldn’t represent us without them. And yes, it seems it is essential for every MP to have almost £7,500 worth of office furniture, as well as £200 a month on petty cash without a receipt to be seen (£200 month only works out as one month’s extra salary a year for someone on average wages after all).

It’s fine that he has claimed over £1,000 for websites that didn’t exist for very long, if at all, from companies that don’t seem to exist who seem to have employed Kevin Barron’s son Robbie to register domains at a cost of £10.

And claiming £1,000 or so from the public purse for the completion of your personal tax return is, it seems, fine – if you’re an MP. It’s not even a tax-deductible expense if you’re self employed, but if you’re an MP you can get the taxpayer to pay for it all.

And it turns out that it’s ok that Kevin Barron hasn’t to my knowledge submitted any statements for his mortgage, leaving the mystery of why the documents he has submitted suggest the amount he has borrowed (and which we are paying the interest on) had risen by £38,000 or so.


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