Blog weirdness

All the widgets down one side of the blog have disappeared as far as I can tell, and some posts are in a much larger font than others. No idea why – is it just me?

3 responses to “Blog weirdness

  1. Interesting!
    Maybe WordPress has an internal impact assessment mechanism, so that if someone leaves a really dumb comment it comes out really really tiny, and vis-versa. Never seen it happen before. R

  2. Turns out I’d left a stray piece of HTML in one of the posts. It should be ok now? Thanks to wordpress for fixing it quickly.

  3. Could you possibly advise RMBC on how to leave a stray piece of HTML in something on their website? Maybe then it will be possible for us to find things on the “revamped” site that seem to be purposely hidden (or not there at all)

    What a a shame it’s fixed though. I liked it. Saves me putting my glasses on ! (actually it’s still big on mine )

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