Election Date – May 6th 2010

Well that’s a surprise – the General Election is going to be on May 6th, with parliament dissolved on Monday 12th April.

I’m assuming that Kevin Barron will have to close down his website at http://kevinbarronmp.com for the duration of the campaign as it is publicly funded – so if you want the latest news on what he is up to I suggest you check it out while you can – not that you’ll find much, but still.

I did write to Kevin and offer to advise him on how to set up a site like this for free so that he could communicate with the people he wants to vote for him (I was going to say ‘the people he wishes to represent then, but as we know Kevin thinks his job is to represent Parliament to us, not us to parliament), but as ever he decided not to even acknowledge my correspondence. He cares about communication, you see.

I fear that for all Lynda Donaldson’s chest beating, the boundary changes are not going to make a jot of difference to the result, which means that for most people in Rother Valley there is no point voting as their votes are worthless. Such is democracy. Incidentally I notice the fuss about electoral reform which the government seemed ever so keen on a few months ago, having not mentioned it at all for 13 years, has died down a little since their poll rating improved. Funny that. I wonder how a party can only be committed to the idea of electoral reform when it suits it – it’s almost like their entirely self interested, isn’t it?

Hopefully I’ll get more chance to update the blog over the next month, but I am quite busy these days and don’t update as often as I’d like, but if you’d like to write here too then please get in touch – perhaps we can transform the blog into a community effort for the benefit of all the voters of the Rother Valley?

It doesn’t matter what allegiances you have – the blog is not meant to be party political, merely a platform for the Rother Valley. I don’t pretend I’m even handed though – I think it’s quite clear I don’t think Kevin Barron is an effective MP, but that has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with the fact that he ignores his voters. That means you don’t have to be even handed either though – come on, let’s debate!

Oh, and a message to Kevin Barron, Lynda Donaldson and the Liberal Democrat candidate – if you’d like to post here that’d be a fabulous first step to showing your constituents that you care about communicating with them. I know you’re all very wary of actually engaging with people because people have the habit of asking difficult questions, but I think you’ll win more friends by taking those questions on than hiding from them.


15 responses to “Election Date – May 6th 2010

  1. HI, If there are a group of people who would like to talk with me face to face, may I suggest someone organises some tea/coffee at a home and invites me over for an ‘evening with friends’ and would be more than happy to speak about the campaign and receive whatever questions people want to ask me.

    kind regards Lynda Donaldson

  2. Thanks Lynda – sadly my evenings are taken up with work as much as my days at the moment, such is the burden of the self-employed in a recession – so I won’t be able to attend. The internet suits me as it allows me to debate in the slim windows of time I get here and there, such as this 5 minutes at 11:30pm πŸ™‚

    It’s a fabulous offer though – I hope someone else takes you up on it – let us know, and thanks for reading.

    I hope to post about policies when I get chance, so it’d be great if you could comment on those posts too.

    Anyone heard from Kevin by the way? No, I thought not!

  3. I got my Election Communication from Kevin today!
    It was printed in Laindon Essex.

    It gives a new e-mail address for Kevin: kevinbarron2010@googlemail.com

    … and a mobile number 07772 260238

    … and a website address of – wait for it :

    … but the website now has a disclaimer.

    …and if I fill in a form,

  4. Get you! I’ve had nothing yet, from anyone. My theory is that Labour it taking us for granted and every one else doesn’t see the point.

    Is the disclaimer on the website enough? I would have thought he’d have to take it down?

    He never did reply to my offer to set him up with a free wordpress blog.

  5. Quite a few ex-MPs have simply put up a disclaimer on their old websites.
    It does concern me though that he is advertising the site on his Election Communication; that seems a bit naughty.

    LibDem candidate just about exists at: http://bit.ly/LibDemRotherValley
    UKIP candidate at:

    Your friend Caven Vines seems to have had some help with his site recently.

    Borough Council candidates for Rother Vale seem an odd bunch, not that I know any of them.
    Labour: Richard Russell. Long term RMBC Councillor, elsewere. Why is he moving base?
    Independent: who doesn’t realise that Rother Vale is slightly larger his little home patch of Thurcroft and Brampton. http://rob4rothervale.blogspot.com/
    Tory: Nigel Haywood Wilton Lee. He got decent results in the past in other places; and with no UKIP standing so far, could easily get in.

  6. I saw Kevin earlier today!
    He was standing outside Swallownest Co-op with some local Borough Councillors and Cllr. Richard Russell.
    They did not stay long, certainly less than 10 minutes. I don’t think they spoke to anyone – other than each other, and none of them bought anythig in the Co-op.
    I spoke to Cllr. Russell, I said “no thanks”, when he held out a leaflet to me as I passed. I was not being rude to him, I had already received one in my letterbox.
    I got the feeling that none of them are what you might call “good communicators”.

    (Moderator: if you want copies of my collection of Election Communications – contact me via my Flickr Account: http://www.flickr.com/people/fence_s13/

  7. Regarding the forthcoming elections: I see in my area Maltby / Hellaby there is a town councillor from Maltby standing for election in nearby Hellaby. This is someone who is quick off the mark to attack certain councillors about what they do or don’t do for Maltby and the people of this village. Then he doesn’t stand for Maltby but prefers Hellaby in the forthcoming elections. Why ? I have recently attended a couple of town council meetings,something I didn’t think I’d do, but I would urge people from Maltby who are bothered about Maltby to go along and see some of the clowns who say they are doing it for Maltby. In respect of the candidates who are actually standing for MALTBY, good luck and who ever gets in , I hope you are in it for the people of Maltby and are not like some of the present lot who are looking to leave a legacy for themselves instead of representing us.

  8. I’ve had one from Kevin Barron and one from Michael Conlon (Independent) for Maltby. Waiting with baited breath for the others.

  9. Cheers afterforty – som nice shots on flickr – will contact you via flickr.

    I had a leaflet from Will Blair yesterday which my baby seemed quite keen on chewing, but I didn’t want her to touch it, let alone eat it! It didn’t seem to amount to a list of policies, let alone a coherent or moral one. It essentially said “RAH! I’m scaring you – vote for me and I’ll stop it”

    I had a leaflet from Kevin Barron earlier on in the campaign too, but it was just a generic template leaflet with no actual detail on what he stands for.

    I’ve just rung Kevin’s office, which still seems to be running with the same taxpayer funded phone line, and from the same taxpayer funded office as ever, to ask if there are any hustings planned, but the lady I spoke to didn’t know – not much evidence of a well-oiled election machine going on there. Someone will call me back in a few minutes, apparently. It’s been five so far.

    Other than that I’ve heard nothing from anyone, although Lynda Donaldson tweets a lot, but never replies.

    The Liberal Democrat candidate and UKIP candidates might as well not exist for all their visibility.

  10. I have all the propaganda leaflets now EXCEPT for Will Blair ! Any chance of a copy on here 156 ?
    Has the lady from Kev’s office phoned back yet ? Do let us know when/if she does.

  11. Got my leaflet from BNP yesterday. Nothing thought provoking there really. Will Blair says he is campaigning on local issues of crime and anti social behaviour and that the BNP would stop all benefits and free housing to “asylum seekers” – his inverted commas as if he doesn’t believe there are any such people seeking legal asylum. Take a trip to Somalia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe – and then think about why people might want to leave these countries. Charity begins at home as they say, but as a lady on the BNP leaflet states “the BNP protects our Christian values”. Check out Matthew 22:39 Will.

  12. I missed the ‘Christian values’ reference – was too busy with the baby to read it all.

    I wonder if it’s the Christian values that explain how to treat your slaves they like, or the the bit in Elijah which implies ‘attack by bear’ is an appropriate response to being mocked for being bald? I very much doubt it’s the ‘love one another as I have loved you’ bit.

  13. Actually, I rather object to the “our Christian values” bit stated as such. Who is the “our” referring to? Seems like the BNP recognise 2 categories of people – Islamic extremists and Christians. I don’t fit into either of those…what a dilemma !
    (Since the “illegal” BNP propoganda being distributed in Maltby, I have less faith in their beliefs than before – and that was kind of zilch.

    Incidentally – appears we have a Liberal candidate by the name of Wesley Paxton. Anyone heard of him ? He tells me that he ” looks forward to hearing the moslem community in UK speaking out against forced marriage esp of girls, but I am not holding my breath……”
    I think he might have mailed me this because of my surname. Don’t worry Wesley – no one is going to force me to get married πŸ˜‰

  14. I object to all religious beliefs – I wasn’t suggesting they are distorting Christianity, merely that, along with all the other Abrahamic faiths, you can define the religion as pretty much whatever you like.

    In this country ‘Christian’ tends – rightly or wrongly – to be associated with begin old people drinking tea and having a fete. The BNP seem to anyway, because if you’ve actually read the bible one would imagine that one would be ashamed to be a follower.

    ‘Muslim’ on the other hand appears to their short-hand for ‘at best dodgy, but probably a killer.’

    Personally I’d rather any religious views were treated with the same tolerant amusement as, say, the idea that Derek Accorah really can speak to the dead, but I detest this attempt at creating an utterly false ‘us’ and ‘them’ distinction – as you say most of us are neither, notwithstanding that they seem to utterly misunderstand both the bloodthirsty, vengeful (oh, but please be nice to each other) religions they mention.

  15. I had an email from Wesley Paxton the other day in reply to my question about hustings.

    It said he hadn’t even been invited to any hustings. I don’t think his heart is in it, to be honest.

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