How much is your vote worth? Not much.

Because of the vagaries of the first past the post voting system, a vote in one constituency is not necessarily worth the same as one a vote in another.

In fact a vote in the Rother Valley is worth 0.045 of a vote, according to The average UK vote is worth over five times as much as a vote in the Rother Valley, and almost half the votes cast count for nothing as they are for candidates other than the winner.

When no-one is quite sure whether the party getting the second highest number of votes will come second or third, or whether the winning party will get the most votes, and when most people agree that the third party will get disproportionately few seats, it is surely time to reform the electoral system?

All we are certain of at the moment is that whoever becomes the governing party, more people will have voted for other parties than for them.


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