Oh dear …

It seems that the positive press Gordon Brown might have hoped for after his well-received speech yesterday might be somewhat overshadowed by the comments of Manish Sood, the Labour PPC for North West Norfolk.

He has said:

I believe Gordon Brown has been the worst prime minister we have had in this country. It is a disgrace and he owes an apology to the people and the Queen

and then

“All the policies are bringing in are a total disaster.”

Asked why is in the Labour party if he thinks it is so awful, Sood says he is going to clean it up.

“We need to clean the whole party up, A to Z.”

and finally

This is a very serious matter. At the end of the day we have a prime minister standing close to the general election and things are going totally wrong. It’s a real disaster for the cities and the country and the nation. If you look at it, the average person out there has really got no respect for the government.

Really, they are moving towards not a government system but more towards anarchy. That is very, very dangerous because the average person out there feels, “I’ve got no respect for the government”. And if you think about it, look at the policies he’s got: increasing national insurance contributions very very close to the general election, petrol prices going up very very close to the general election, an increase on tax on the employment income very, very close to the general election.

So all the policies he’s bringing in are a total disaster: the members of parliament on horrendous salaries, the corruption that is going on, that has been going on for ages, that is getting worse and worse.

Just to remind you, Manish Sood is standing for election as a Labour MP. All quotes from The Guardian.

Update – Sood does seem to be getting carried away now, rather undermining his earlier comments as he begins to sound a bit deranged – he’s just said on the BBC:

“I could do a better job than him [Brown]. He needs to go on holiday and give me a chance to take over.”

The Labour Party are apparently going to suspend him, but it’s going to take some nimble footwork to get a new candidate in place and ballot papers re-printed in two days – and you risk losing the support of those that agree with him.


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