Latest news from Kevin Barron

I looked at Kevin Barron’s website today. I thought there might be some update from him, what with it being a potentially epoch defining moment in the political life of the UK.

As of May 14th 2009, his homepage mentions the election on May 6th as being in the future, and his latest news is to wish us a happy Easter (Easter 2010 was on April 4th).

Kevin's up-to-date homepage


6 responses to “Latest news from Kevin Barron

  1. A Happy Easter to you too, Kevin (better make it 2011 now)

    Did the elections go ahead on 6th May and if so how did folks fare ?

  2. I e-mailed him 2 days ago regarding an on-going local issue. It didn’t bounce. I’ll update when I receive a reply, but it could take a while.

  3. Does Kevin reply to you via email, out of interest?

  4. I always request him to reply by e-mail, and give strong and valid arguments why he should do so. He always replies by surface mail.
    Once he sent me a communication by post to say that he had forwarded to a 3rd party, by mail, my e-mail to him. So I e-mailed the 3rd party, and same day got their reply to Mr Barron as an e-mail attachment. Two weeks later I received the same communication via Mr Barron and the Royal Mail. It probably told so long because there was a postal strike on.
    The 3rd party not the person who could help resolve the problem, only the Secretary of Sate in the Dept of Environment could , I had realised this from the beginning. So after waiting for the postal version to arrive (it would only have confused him, if I had responded on receipt of the e-mail version – think about it). I e-mailed him back informing him that he should contact the Dept of Environment.
    He did, and sent it to a Secretary of State by name, one that had been replaced in the previous reshuffle.
    You have to see the funny side of it all.
    But it was a quite serious matter that I was dealing with on behalf of my local community.

  5. Footnote to the above:
    On receipt of a surface mail from Mr Barron, I scan it, extract the text, and in my reply include both the text, in the body of the e-mail, and the scanned image as an attachment. This allows me to maintain the threads , and Googlemail then allows me to work on things when away from home, as I regularly am, and of course it also probably helps Mr Barron, by his having less need to consult his manual files.

  6. On the other footnote to the above:
    This is the issue that I am trying to clarify:
    It is of interest to many householders.

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