Kevin Barron MP

Who is he, and what does he do? is an excellent resource for seeing what your representatives are up to. It will give you details on your councillors and MEP as well as your MP. is another excellent way of contacting your MP or other representatives. The site tracks how many letters the representatives reply to, and how long it takes them. You need to enter your postcode so the site can ork out who your representatives are.

This is a brief resume of Kevin Barron’s career as an MP from The Guardian. This is wikipedia’s version.

The Guardian also lists various ways of contacting Mr Barron, altnough the website doesn’t work, which is part of the reason I’ve started this one.

A brief biography at

Kevin Barrons voting record at The Public Whip

Ooh, another website was registered on 24th Feb 2009. There is nothing there yet (17th March) but hopefully it will be more useful than and, one of which is registered to an R Barron in Sheffield, and the other to a web company in Bolsover – and neither of which does anything. I wonder if the tax payer is paying for all these dead domains?

What does he think about issues?

The afforementioned The Public Whip webiste is a good place to start. I also write to Mr Barron on specific issues. He usualy replies, but rarely answers.

The issues I have written to him about are listed below. Click the subject to view a commented transcript of the conversations.

Proposed subsidy for scrapping cars

Using email to reply to constituents

Proposed reduction is speed limits on A roads

Maternity and Paternity Pay for the self employed

MPs Expenses

His trip to New Zealand in April 2009


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