WhatDoTheyKnow is the best place to view Freedom of Information requests that have been made, and to make your own.

TheyWorkForYou is the best palce to find out what your MP has been up to in Parliament.

WriteToThem is the best way to get in touch with your representatives as it keeps a log of how good they are at replying.

The Public Whip allows you to see and analyse how MPs vote.


Write-Place blog. Lexia has been doing this longer than I, and has some fascinating posts about the dissaray Maltby Town Council fell into.


One response to “Links

  1. Thanks for putting a link to my blog on here. Have been away from Maltby Town Council watching for a while – but am back !
    Just need to correct the tense of the dissaray of MTC – it is STILL in dissaray and continuing to be so, just under the guise of a different Chairperson who couldn’t run a chimps tea party (and believe me, that’s usually what an MTC meeting seems like, minus the bananas)

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