Maltby Town Council

In theory Maltby Town Council has a website at but it no longer works.

UPDATE JUNE 2009 – the Town Council have a new website at

The Council website used to host a forum, but it was taken offline for some reason. An unofficial forum has sprung up to replace it here. Sadly you don’t seem to be allowed to register an account at the moment.

If you would like to see minutes of the meetings of Maltby Town Council click here.

The councillors for Maltby ward of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council are:

Amy Rushforth (Labour) who you can email on although in my experience she won’t reply.

Ben Slade (Independent) who you can email on although in my experience he won’t reply.

Will Blair (BNP) who you can email on although in my experience he won’t reply.

I’ve lived in Maltby through two local elections, and not had leaflets from Ms Rushforth or Mr Blair. In Ms Rushforth’s case she is at least a member of mainstream party, so I have a reasonable idea of what her politics are. In Mr Slade’s case I have not the faintest idea what he stands for, and emails to try and establish his views have come to naught. Mr Blair has at least had leaflets delivered for him (by children) – hateful as those leaflets were.


19 responses to “Maltby Town Council

  1. Regarding MTC Website –

    My letter to them 9th March 2009 :

    To whom it may concern, Maltby Town Council :

    I have been advised by Mr Tim Mumford, Assistant Chief Executive of Legal and Democratic Services, at RMBC that any information that is required about Maltby Town Council can be found on their website.
    I wondered if the site had been updated as I know from past correspondence and MTC meetings the situation regarding the administration.
    I find howewever, that the site has not been updated since July 2008 and ask you to clarify why not, when Mr Mumford is giving advice that it is.

    If there have been discussions about a new website or updating of the current one, please inform me of the dates and places of these discussions and with whom.

    I wish this information to be provided in electronic format and within the time scale stated in the Freedom of Information Act.

    MTC reply: 3 Apr 2009

    Response to your requests under the FOI Act:

    Maltby Town Council currently does not have a working web site.
    Maltby Town Council cannot answer for Mr Mumford’s advice.
    Discussions re the provision of a new Maltby Town Council website have taken place between C McMahon, and Mrs S Bailey with Paul Griffiths of RMBC in the office of Maltby Town Council.

    My response:

    Thankyou for your response to my request for information.
    You have not however, anwered my request fully.

    Please therefore provide me with the following information:

    1. The dates and minutes of the meetings where a website for Maltby Town Council was discussed.

    2. In what capacity did Paul Griffiths, C McMahon and Mrs S Bailey have these “discussions”

    3. The date that the Chair of MTC and all of the councillors were informed of the discussions.

    4. The outcome of the discussions including any proposals for the future.

    5. The date of the next meeting when a website for MTC will again be discussed.

    Please provide me with this information in electronic format. Please provide the information within the time scale of the original FOI request ie. within 20 working days of 9th March 2009.

    Hang on – this info is overdue !!!
    Another breach of the FOI act.

  2. Have you had the minutes from meetings where the website was discussed yet?

    • No, I have not. I have sent them a reminder and an extension date – which is overdue.

      (this is on the ever increasing list of “FOI’s overdue or not responded to adequately”.)

  3. Have been away from this blog for a while – but now am back and thought would update this bit, to the best of my knowledge… almost a year down the line.
    Maltby Town Council has been using for a while now and the latest news from MTC meetings is that a new more up to date site is to be made and the admin staff to be trained in it’s use. £1000 had been budgeted for but apparently it can be done for less than this, so we are “waiting to see”.
    Perhaps 156, you could make the suggestion to MTC regarding how to have a free website, as suggested to Kevin Barron, MP and save MTC some money ?

  4. Finance meeting at Maltby Town Council tonight 6.30pm – should be interesting.
    AGM next Wednesday – should be even more interesting.

  5. Is there any opportunity for members of the public to ask questions at either meeting?

    I presume the agendas are on the website?

  6. Agenda on website and opportunity for public questions “at the chairperson’s discretion” 30 minutes at start of meeting. See you there ?

  7. One of the “best/worst” meetings ever since about a year ago ! Even 2 PCSOs and Sereant in attendance ! 🙂 Willl report details asap later

  8. Unfortunately couldnt make the AGM on Thursday, but the news as I know it – Cllr Karen Usher, new chair, Cllr Ben Slade, new vice chair….. is this a “hung” council? certainlky a split down the middle one..lets get rid of labour whilst retending to be independent but we not really cos we an independent GROUP !
    Cllr Andy Foster of MTC stands for RMBC cllr for HELLABY (????) GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR,,,,,, to mad to say any more…..

  9. Wonder if we could have a link admin to the “News from the districts” pages from Advertiser on here ? Would save me an awful lot of typing as you cant copy and paste from digi edition of paper.

    Next MTC meeting May 20th

  10. Lexia,
    If you tell me step by step where to find this page I’ll see what I can do.
    Please understand I have never been to Maltby, I am not even sure where Maltby is.
    As I understand it Andy Foster was one of several Independents standing in Borough elections, another was a Rob Foulds who stood in Rother Vale. They share a website:

    It would have made no sense for them all to stand in Maltby, because they would have been competing against each other for votes. As it is they distorted the voting patterns everywhere with their solutions to problems that few of us recognise or experience. I did have some e-mail chatter with Foulds, I was not impressed.

  11. Thanks AF for the reply.
    I was actually asking the admin on here about the links as he does live in Maltby and has a pretty good idea of what has been going off on the MTC for some time now. Things make more sense when you have background.

    Maybe politics is not really my thing, but I do understand about the reasons for Independents standing in other areas etc -no good all in one place blah blah. BUT (and this is where politics really shows to me that majority of people involved are not genuine) I am always on about the moral and ethical issues of these situations. Maybe morality and ethics do not come into daily life anymore, never mind politics – but to me politics IS daily life (check me blog on that one 😉 ) Too many lies, too many people out for themselves, too many people who begin genuinely for the people then somewhere turn and become different people. Yes, naieve Lexia. But I ‘aint going to change and I ‘aint going to have my opinions changed by these types of people.

  12. I rather doubt that what is happening in Maltby TC is anything to do with what I would describe as politics, any more than is what goes on inside my Parish Council.

    At national level it is very different. Thinktanks, the upper echelons of the Civil Service and the ranks of Policy Advisers (think Ollie in The Thick of It) are stuffed full of people with higher degrees in Social Policy (AKA policy wonks) , and Social Policy is almost totally concerned with the practical application of Political and Moral Philosophy (think John Rawles).

  13. Rawls Theory of Justice falls apart in many places – most of all with his idea of “which parties would hypothetically choose mutually acceptable principles of justice.” Hypothetically being the key word here. We can all live hypothetically – it’s living in reality that causes the problems.
    (We must discuss this in length at some point ! )

  14. Lexia,
    Yes I did mis-spell his name (thank you!).

    Philosophy is what might be described as a near-Science, in that it uses words like ” theory” and “hypothesis” in the same way, and with the same meaning as Science.
    In day-to-day speech those words can take on a different meaning, including the one you chose.
    One often hears that Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is “just a theory” as if a theory were a no more than a conjecture.
    When you say “we can all live hypothetically”, I would say “we all do”. I certainly navigate through life based on nothing more than a working hypothesis, it has worked OK so far.

    In any case Rawls in not the issue, rather an example of a modern philosopher whose concerns are with real world issues. The point I was making is that moral philosophy has a real and existing role within practical political thinking. AF .

  15. “moral philosophy has a real and existing role within practical political thinking.” Absolutely. Point taken and agreed with ! (I may just mention Rawls though at the next MTC meeting – just to see a reaction 😉 )
    Think we could do with a new thread on this – do you have your own website/blog AF ?

  16. Just when I thought MTC was doing ok with it’s website – putting agendas on a couple of days before meetings, putting minutes on like most parish councils have been doing for years….then this week, guess what ? No Agenda for tonight’s meeting. I have a feeling it may be something to do with the Clerk being on holiday last week – efficiency at it’s best as always. Clearly no stand in who knows how to operate a website. And then there’s all this talk about getting an updated site.Hope there’s someone with updated skills to operate it, ot it might just seem like a waste of money ….

  17. Maltby Towb Council – will it ever be like a REAL town council. I mean like one that acts for the benefit of it’s towns folk? Wants a consensus of opinion on most decisions made for this?
    I doubt it – not while we have idiots posing as cllrs and the vice chair wheedling his way back in by sitting in for the useless current chair.
    Notifiable quote from a “cllr” from tonights meeting….”I am 68 years old and ca’t remember what I had for breakfast – but I can remember in detail what I wrote or did not write in emails 10 months ago”

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