Minutes of Maltby Town Council Meetings

Maltby Town Council used to make the minutes of their meetings available via their own website, but due to an argument that is so petty I lost the ability to concentrate on the details, they don’t anymore.

As an interim measure I am going to try and publish as many minutes as I can get hold of here, until the council start to publish them themselves again.

Update – June 2009 Maltby Town Council have begun to publish their own minutes again. You can view them at http://www.rotherhamparishcouncils.gov.uk/Home/Maltby/maltbyMinutes.aspx

March 2009 Minutes of Maltby Town Council

Premises and Regeneration Committee 11 March 2009 P&R – 11 March 2009-3

Full Council 18th March 2009 TC – 18 March 2009-3

Finance and General Purposes Committee 25th March 2009 F&GP – 25 March 2009-3

April 2009 Minutes of Maltby Town Council

Extraordinary Town Council Meeting 1 April 2009TC X – 1 April 2009-3

Environment and Works Committee 1 April 2009 E&W – 1 April 2009-3


3 responses to “Minutes of Maltby Town Council Meetings

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  2. Well done you and thankyou on behalf of all Maltby residents and those further afield, who are losing/have lost patience over this matter.
    Its a sorry state of affairs when an FOI has to be put in, followed by a complaint to the Information Commissioner, before minutes are dragged out of MTC’s admin staff.

    (members of the public who put in such FOI’s are treated with contempt at MTC meetings by said admin staff and some councillors when they attempt to talk about the information gained)

    One would think someone has something to hide !

  3. Thanks – I don’t seem to have a full set of minutes yet, and these are missing attachments, but I’m trying!

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